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[GAME] Narco Police

Postby Nightwolf » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:21 pm

DOWNLOAD: Link to Version 1: http://www.gemixstudio.se32.com/Narcopo ... tro_V1.rar

Year is 2003, almost 1/5 of the population uses drugs, a new elite was done to stop this: Narco Police (NO)

After a year of training, now they will make the final assault, in a island near of Colombia. There a Narco Processing Center (NPC) can be found. And must be blow away! But beware, narcos inverted more than 500 milion of dollars in security.


Codename: Ambar.
Objetive: Laboratorio Central de Proceso (L.C.P.).
Localitation: Colombia.

Is island is a fortress, a maze of tunnels, then the lab tha must be blown.


First choose your weapon and equipment. If no choose is done, a default will be choose.


Pressing F4 will interchange the control system, between mouse, or pad.

Press Button 0 from pad or left mouse button to fire. To fire with pad to other directions, press fire with up,left, right to aim.

Button 1, key S, or down arroy key to change your ammo.

Button 4, key K (or medkit command) will use the medkit.


Yo change the weapons, just click on the arrow to add or sustract. But beware, you cannot excess 500 lb or 230 kg)

The equipment will be:

1.- 12 Caliber Magnum Cartridges, 35 g. Subammunition (4 units). Good for enemy soldiers, but lower effect (or inmune) against something armored. Press 1 to select it.

2.- 12 Caliber AA-1 Explosivo Cartridges. Like the first, but hight destruction power. Ideal to kill armored enemies. Direct access key 2.

3.- T-71 50 mm Mini Misiles with Standard Expansive Warheads. Missil with medium power. You will need two of them to destry a armored door. Direct access key 3

4.- T-72 50 mm Laser Guided Mini Missiles with Perforating Warheads. High explosive missile. Only one is needed to destroy a armoured door.Direct key 4.

5.- T-73 50 mm Fragmentation Warhead Mini Missiles. Miltiple war head, ideal to clear your path in "warm" zones. Direct access key 5.

6.- Thor M2 Demolition Equipment with C-4a Advanced Plastic Explosives. You need to carry one of them to demolish the L.C.P.

7.- MP 607, consisting of: "Little Pig" Multifunction Gun, 12 Caliber Semiautomatic Shotgun, 50 mm Class T Mini Missile Launcher. A modern weapon, can shoot a very different type of ammo, from bullets to missles.

8.- Medical Kit. If a unit needs it, use it and he will be recovered fully.

9.- Multi-Purpose Exchange System Unít (Computer). A hightly power computer. Will able to send you get reinforcers, give you an automap.

10.- Bullet Proof Vest. Will make you hard to be killed.


Five entrances can be choosen, but you only have 3 teams, so choose wisely. Just lick on one group in the left and then click on the entrance.


You can get info about the mission typing command chopper, or c

1. P.I.U.

The comunications will be done using Personal Intercom Unit (P.I.U.), with that you will write and receive messages. To type a messages, fist press ENTER, then the command, then ENTER again. If you need a list of commands, type 'dir'

GROUP 1 G1 controls Group 1
GROUP 2 G2 controls Group 1.
GROUP 3 G3 controls Group 3
MISSILE 1 M1 Launch missil T-71
MISSILE 2 M2 Launch missil T-72.
MISSILE 3 M3 Launch missil T-73.
DIR DIR List the commands possible
CHOPPER C General status screen
ABORT ABORT End the mission
SEND COP SC Send a cop to the actual group
PAUSE P Stops the action.
CONTINUE CONT Continue the action
USE KIT K Use the med kit
SETEXPLO SE Set the explosives
LOGIN Ll Able to connect to terminals
GOAHEAD GO To acess to second level.

When you arrive the last section of the first level, press goahead to continue to sector 2.

If a group arrives to last door, then you can access to last level with GOAHEAD, or change the group to go to their last door. If not, only the group in the last door will access to level 2.


Inside tunnels, you will found terminals that can help you to deactive some defenses. First need to login with LOGIN.

LOG OFF L Ends the conection
DIR DIR Show the commands
DEACT CAMERAS DC Deactivate the cameras
DEACT GUNS DG Deactivate the cameras
OPEN DOOR O Open all doors from tunnels.
STATUS S Shows the number of enemies casualities
MAP M Shows a map of the zone.


IRON BYTE (Juan Arias, Ramiro Arias, Ricardo Arias, Roberto Eimer, Carlos Galucci, Juan Gaspar, Fernando Vieira) y Snatcho.

PRODUCTION: Víctor Ruiz y Iron Byte.


CODE: José Ignacio Rodríguez
GFX: David Fernández


* Carlos Galucci
* rhaul
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Re: [GAME] Narco Police

Postby NostalgicAlgorithms » Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:51 am

Amazing! Much smoother and more 3dish than the original. I'd definitely would buy this one!
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