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[GAME] Sirwood

Postby Nightwolf » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:24 am

Sirwood: YANR (Yet Another Nightwolf Remake)

Final Beta version

Link: http://www.gemixstudio.se32.com/Sirwood/Sirwood.rar


Your must recover the magical shield. In order to do that, you must recover the six artifacts in each level in order to increase your power. Three levels will challenge you:

Forest of Amargol. Pick the six pots to gain huge power to take the sword Sablat at the end.
Cave of Castle. Take the relics, in order to improve you new sword.
Castle of mad wizard. Will you have what is needed to defeat Amargol?


Vial: will give you health
Time Glass: Will kill every enemy on screen.
Stone: Your basic weapon.
Shield: Up a minute, will stop all fire from enemies.
Sword: At level two, you can use the magic sword, but beware, only works at close.
Boomearng: A very handly weapon. Limit use.
Gold: Increase your score.

If you manage to recover all 6 artifacs in a level, you will get a very powerfill weapon. You surely will need it!

Watch out with vials and time glass, as the degrade into poison, do not pick it!


Use arrows to move.
Space or Q: Fire

You can also change the speed of the game on fly.

F1:High Speed (60 fps)
F5, Normal Speed (55 fps)
F9 Slow Speed (50 fps)

You can also play with a pad. Button 0 will fire, button 1 jump (besides up)

Thanks to Rhaul for the video and Dluk for testing.
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