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Postby PAMERCO » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:18 pm

Good night.
I present my first project with calling to see if it becomes commercial.

is the second part of an early game of mine.

It is a DEMO, so it isa small version of the final game is for you to probeis and tell me what you think ..... without cruelty ...

the game is finished for months, and I am redoing some graphics and music, while waiting for the BETA trade.

can only be played in arcade mode to ALL mode, ie choose the option that brings you to choose that way .... it is not ideal and there had to be "disconnected" the other options but I'm lazy ....

Is the set of colored balls to break ....
creating the red balls explode when hitting balls the other make or grow or exloten.

the order of the smaller balls to the largest are:
blue, yellow, green and red.

in this game mode you race against time and with a limit of "clicks" the mouse.
every ball that never explodes without pressing it, nor to make it grow or to explode, I added a click but if the number of clicks is equal to 10 seconds as you add the +1 difference that appears, click + 1 green purple +1 time .....

I hope you enjoy, and good music I'm making now at times and changing some graphics, the music used in the demo is once again the user .... ERKOS

for that if you have questions about how to play or whatever, say so, I want it easy to learn and difficult to master ....

certainly for the puzzle I have already made over 200 ....

the link ....


you enjoy it.

PS has "finished" since August, which should have been the beta .... but as yet has not come, I want to teach it now, but as if in the end it is marketable, I show gelding, if in the end there I do release him entirely to see what you think ...
PD2: Be not too wild cn criticism.
The secret of success is sincerity and honesty. If you are able to simulate it, you have made

Sorry my bad English, is google and his translator
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Postby evilpeibol » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:15 pm

The link has been removed
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