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Gemix Editor

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:40 am

I bring you a gift for Christmas: A simple Code Editor for Gemix.

Simple ... and direct ... for those who start with Gemix .. or for those who want something different.

- Multilanguage (English, Spanish, Italian).
- Multiplatform (Windows, Linux).
- List of Process / Functions / Methods.
- Search / Replace.
- Autocomplete functions (with Control+E shows all).
- Basic help of the "Gemix Modules.txt" that comes with Gemix, to look for functions and use (Press F1 above a word).
- F11 Compile ... F10 Compile and Run ... just like DIV did.

1. Download Gemix 7.5

2. Download Gemix Editor (Windows version).

3. Configure the Gemix Editor with the Gemix path ... and compile!

NOTE: The last version of Gemix is needed, it is only compatible with the latest version of Gemix: 7.5.

It will continue to evolve and improve without it becoming something complicated to use.
Feedback will be appreciated .. suggestions .. and bugs.

Happy Holidays to all!