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<<< Gemix BETA 5.7 >>>

Postby CicTec » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:25 am

NOTE: the BETA version usage is FREE and valid until the FINAL version (see = README =.TXT for license info)

12/01/2010 BETA 5.7
  • + Added: new function MAP_GET_BUFFER which allows you to get the pointer of the buffer of the graphical manipulation direct pixel
  • + Added: new overload for the function GET_REAL_POINT:
    which allows you to get the real control point of a graphic in a process to another process/function
  • + Added: new overload for functions COLLISION and OVERLAP:
    • INT COLLISION(INT process_id, INT process_id_collision)
    • INT COLLISION(INT process_id, TYPE process_collision)
    • INT OVERLAP(INT process_id, INT process_id_overlap)
    • INT OVERLAP(INT process_id, TYPE process_overlap)
    which allows you to control the collision/overlap of a process with another process/type of process to another location of the program (process/function)
  • + Added: new field ALPHA to the scroll, to set the level of alpha of the first floor
  • + Added: new layers to the scroll system with the following overload:
    • INT START_SCROLL(INT scroll, INT fpg_id, INT graph_id, INT graph_back_id, INT region, INT flags, INT scroll_mode)
    and the following constants for scroll_mode:
    • scroll_normal
    • scroll_layers
    which allows graphics to appear between the first and second layer of a scroll
  • + Added: support for arrays and structures of unlimited size (was limited to a certain amount of memory)
  • + Added: support for the definition of C-style pointers ex: *var, int *var, etc...
  • * Arreglado: bug in testing the control of indices out of range using C-style arrays and structures (option _USE_CSTYLE_MATRIX)
  • * Arreglado: bug with AND, OR, XOR in comparisons between fixed strings
  • * Arreglado: bug in using C-style arrays and/or structures of over 2 dimensions (option _USE_CSTYLE_MATRIX)
  • * Arreglado: bug in using the video FLI/FLC in combination with FADE in some cases (compatibility DIV2)
  • * Arreglado: bug in the EXIT function using the window title when it was modified with SET_TITLE
  • * Arreglado: bug in the system of scroll using REFRESH_SCROLL when after you have changed the size of the graphic used the program would crash
  • * Arreglado: bug in using variables of type SBYTE, BYTE, SHORT, and WORD logon to read and write, causing abnormalities in the program (bug introduced in beta 5.6)
  • * Arreglado: bug in ADD_FPG_MAP adding graphics with alpha channel as normal
  • * Arreglado: bug in CLONE_FPG graphics with alpha channel as normal
  • * Arreglado: bug in GET_REAL_POINT obtain the actual position of control point when SIZE, SIZE_X and SIZE_Y were than 100
  • * Arreglado: bug in POINT_EXISTS, in some cases didn't return the correct result of the existence of the control point indicated
  • * Arreglado: bug in TEXT_SET_COLOR and TEXT_SET_PIXEL if you call immediately after the WRITE function the program to crashes
  • * Arreglado: bug in the declaration of structures using the compiler option _USE_CSTYLE_MATRIX, which led to abnormal errors during the compilation of access to members
  • * Arreglado: bug in the system INCLUDE when trying to compile files free path inside other files included
  • * Arreglado: bug in the system DUMP_TYPE/RESTORE_TYPE, leading to crash program in some cases
  • * Arreglado: bug in the management of the control point 0 in some cases
  • ! Información: optimized FX scale's, faster than 10 ~ 50%
  • ! Información: optimized additiveblend FX SOFT, faster than 20%
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